That Old Devil Sin

Finding a dead body is never a good way to end a gig.

That Old Devil Sin 1600x2400v2.png

Clementine “Q” Toledano is the seasoned front-woman of New Orleans jazz band QT and the Beasts. Usually able to resist any man who thinks his Louisiana charm is enough of a reason for her fall into bed with him, Q is battling her own inexplicable attraction to Ben Bordelon, owner of a successful Uptown hotspot. 

When The Beasts' bass player is accused of murder, Q delves into the seedy underbelly of the Crescent City to prove his innocence. As she watches gigs vanish one by one – after all, no one wants a band with a murdering bassist playing at their daughter’s bat mitzvah – Q uncovers a secret that forces her to finally deal with her past, while current events may very well jeopardize her future.

With rocker chick Clementine Toledano, DeVore offers a flawed, fabulous and deeply human protagonist with the kind of baggage many women will recognise, so deeply connected to the bayou that the reader can smell the blue gum trees.
— Deborah Grabien, Author of the J.P Kinkaid Chronicles