Chasing Those Devil Bones

what’s a little murder and adultery between friends?

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New Orleans musician, Clementine “Q” Toledano  has more to worry about than a little rain canceling her performance at Jazz Fest. Her husband’s business is failing. Her best friend has stumbled into an adulterous affair. And her mentor has six months to live.

When an ex-lover finds out the hard way that cocaine and epilepsy don’t mix, Q convinces her friend, NOPD Homicide Detective Aaron Sanger, that it was no accident. Now she is once again at the forefront of a police investigation. While her career is on the fast track towards celebrity, she must figure out a way to balance the secrets she’s been sworn to keep, while searching for the truth everyone in her life is hell-bent on hiding.

Forced to decide between justice and the happiness of the man who saved her life, Q must examine her own choices and morality. After all, inside the sordid world of the New Orleans music scene, what’s a little murder and adultery between friends?